At Siliringz, we know that life can sometimes be intense! Whether you enjoy high-energy exercise, work a labor-intensive or dangerous occupation, or find that your everyday activity is often rough or rigorous- life can be tough on you, your hands, and your wedding ring.
With Siliringz, you can still show your commitment to your life partner while working on the job, working out, or working with your hands! We proudly offer the highest quality, non-porous, hypoallergenic, easy to clean and comfortable silicone wedding rings for both men and women.

Siliringz is not only an individual retailer, but also a wholesale supplier of high quality silicone wedding rings. We make it our mission to meet the consumer's requirement by supplying the highest-quality silicone rings on the market. We do this by providing top quality construction and unique designs. This helps us make sure that our clients always get the best wedding bands possible. With seven band styles and a wide variety of available color options, finding a perfect ring is easy! Visit our store to choose your Siliringz style now!

Mr. Zhou and the Siliringz Story

Mr. Zhou, the owner of Siliringz, started his career with silicone in the first Chinese silicone rubber factory back in the early 1990s, where he worked for five years. As a senior executive in charge of sales, he was in the right position to become well-known within China’s silicone manufacturing industry, which helped him when he later went on to operate a plant on his own, which he did for sixteen years following his departure from that original position.

During his time as a factory operator, Mr. Zhou became successful enough to once again become a well-known figure in Chinese industry, this time as the supplier of silicone bands for the Beijing Olympics. His company organized to produce the 30 million bands needed for the games in just six months. At the time, his company was the world’s largest producer of silicone wristbands.

It was 2010 when Mr. Zhou’s products became most visible in the United States. This happened when he successfully partnered with the inventor of Silly Bandz to produce what would become the year’s hottest toy item, organizing over 25 factory suppliers to deliver 500 million pieces of merchandise in just a few months.

Today, Mr. Zhou is bringing that innovation to the growing field of silicone wedding rings with Siliringz, a supplier of high quality, durable wedding bands that provide a comfortable alternative to traditional metal bands.