Silicone wedding rings have taken off globally as a new, fashion-forward way to update the classic wedding ring’s appearance and function. It is not hard to understand why this trend has exploded recently, either. Medical and food grade silicone is durable, comfortable to wear, and easy to work with.

As your supplier of wholesale silicone wedding bands, Siliringz takes care of the process of sourcing a supplier and having your rings manufactured, allowing you to have the convenience of doing business with a single U.S.-based company instead of having to go through the hassle of finding and procuring your rings directly from suppliers that are based primarily in China. We work with the highest-quality suppliers to ensure you have the best possible bands to stock in your store.

When You Shop With Siliringz You Get

  • Unique designs created here in the United States
  • The ability to order custom designs as needed
  • Durable, high quality rings made from medical grade silicone
  • Low price points and accessibility
  • The convenience of working with a U.S.-based supplier

If you are looking to stock silicone wedding bands among your other selections of wedding jewelry, then you need to have access to a supplier who knows the industry and has the creativity to deliver the best new designs. That’s Siliringz.